Dec 12th & 13th

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Interchain Conversations II is the flagship annual Cosmos conference. This year, due to COVID, Interchain Conversations has gone fully virtual until travel restrictions lift. The conversations fostered during this conference will become fodder for future innovations coming out of Cosmos and its extended ecosystems.

Interchain Conversations II


 Tess Rinearson

Ethan Buchman

Billy Rennekamp

Zaki Manian

Sunny Aggarwal

Dean Tribble

Zarko Milosevic




VP of Engineering


Co-Founder of Cosmos


Chief Scientist


Martin Worner

Peng Zhong

Stani Kulechov


Rick Dudley

Gavin Birch

Mustafa Al-Bassam

Dave Hrycyszyn

COO & VP of Product


CEO & Founder


CEO & Founder

CEO & Co-Founder


Protocol Analyst

Klaus Kursawe

JP Thorbjornsen

Igor Konnov


Tomas Tauber



Henry de Valence



Consensus Researcher

Lead Engineer & Researcher

Ecosystem Analyst

Principal Research Scientist

Research Director



James Prestwich


Sean Braithwaite

Arianne Flemming

Julien Bouteloup





CEO & Founder



Head of Strategy & Partnerships



Aaron Craelius

Shruti Appiah

Joe Bowman

Dr. Shaun Conway


Hyung Yeon Lee

Kwun Yeung



Platform & Software Engineering







Federico Kunze Küllmer

 Ryan John King



Deepanshu Tripathi


Pedro Gomes










Guy Zyskind

Chris Goes

Andrey Kuprianov

Antoine Herzog

IBC LeadDev

Enigma's CEO speaking on behalf of the Secret Network


Senior Research Engineer

Community Partners


Day 1: Dec 12th

9:00am PT

Ethan Buchman, Co-Founder of Cosmos / CEO of Information Systems
& Billy Rennekamp, Grants Manager at the Interchain Foundation

9:30am PT

Tess Rinearson, VP of Engineering at Interchain GmbH

10:00am PT

Aaron Craelius, CTO at Regen Network

10:30am PT

Peng Zhong, CEO at Tendermint

11:00am PT

Martin Worner, CEO at Confio

11:30am PT

Federico Kunze Küllmer, Engineer at Chainsafe

12:00pm PT

Sean Braithwaite, CTO at Informal

12:30pm PT

Andrey Kuprianov, Senior Research Engineer at Informal

  1:00pm PT


  1:30pm PT

In Search for More Reliable Cosmos

Zarko Milosevic, Chief Scientist at Informal Systems

A Vision for ABCI++

2:00pm PT

Dev Ojha, Co-Founder of Sikka

2:30pm PT

Threshold Decrypted Transactions: Thwarting Front-Running and Enabling Privacy at the Protocol Level

Sunny Aggarwal, Co-Founder of Sikka

  3:00pm PT

Arianne Flemming, COO at Informal Systems

  3:30pm PT

Charlie Noyes, Co-Founder of Paradigm

  4:00pm PT

Bridging CosmosSDK Chains with Ethereum Mainnet

Rick Dudley, Founder & CEO of Vulcanize 

  4:30pm PT

Deborah Simpier, COO at Althea

  5:00pm PT

Henry de Valence, Cryptographer at Zcash

  5:30pm PT

James Preswich, Co-Founder of Summa (Acquired by Celo)

  6:00pm PT

Agoric Public Chain and Economy

Dean Tribble, CEO at Agoric

Use-Cases of IBC—Symbiosis Between Hubs And Zones

  6:30pm PT

Do Kwon, CEO & Co-Founder of Terra

Interchain Standards for NFTs + Metadata

  7:00pm PT

Joe Andrieu, President, Legendary Requirements
& Deepanshu Tripathi, CTO at Persistence One

The Role Of End-User Applications In An IBC-Enabled Blockchain Ecosystem

  7:30pm PT

David Park, CMO at Cosmostation

  8:00pm PT

Jeffrey Hu, Director of Research @ IRISnet

  8:30pm PT

Josh Lee, Ecosystem Development at Tendermint

  9:00pm PT

Tomas Tauber, Researcher at

  9:30pm PT

Decentralized Social Networks and Mass Adoption

Kwun Yeung, Co-Founder at Forbole


Day 2: Dec 13th

9:00am PT

The ATOM 2021 Initiative

Zaki Manian, Co-Founder of Iqlusion

Inter-blockchain AMM on the Cosmos Hub

9:30am PT

Hyungyeon Lee, CEO of B-Harvest
& Brent Xu, Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Tendermint

Controlling Frontrunning & MEV: Simulation Results For The Wendy, A Fair Ordering Pre-Protocol

10:00am PT

Klaus Kursawe, Consensus Researcher at Vega Protocol

Liquid Staking: Opportunities & Challenges of Staking Derivatives in DeFi

10:30am PT

Felix Lutsch, BD at Chorus One

11:00am PT

Building Private Smart Contracts with CosmWasm

Guy Zyskind, Enigma's CEO speaking on behalf of the Secret Network

11:30am PT

Private On-Chain Data with Cosmos and Coconut

Dave Hrycyszyn, Co-Founder of Nym

12:00pm PT

Fireside Chat on Security, DeFi Composability, & Interoperability

Stani Kulechov, CEO of Aave & Julien Bouteloup, CEO of Stake Capital,Sunny Aggarwal, Co-Founder of Sikka

12:30pm PT

Risk-Adjusted Bonding Curves - System Design and Simulations

Shruti Appiah, Research Scientist at Block Science

  1:00pm PT

Mustafa Al-Bassam, CEO & Co-Founder of Lazy Ledger

  1:30pm PT

Pedro Gomes, Founder of WalletConnect

2:00pm PT

Igor Konnov, Principal Scientist at Informal Systems

2:30pm PT

Matt Bell & Judd Keppel, Co-Founders of Nomic

Upgradable WASM-based light clients for IBC

  3:00pm PT

Joe Bowman, Platform & Software Engineering at Chorus One

Governance Working Group: Funding Mechanisms on the Cosmos Hub

  3:30pm PT

Gavin Birch, Protocol Analyst at Figment

THORChain: Securing Assets With MPC and Incentives

  4:00pm PT

JP Thorbjornsen from Thorchain

The Future of Radio based FOAM Zones on Cosmos

  4:30pm PT

Ryan John King, Co-Founder of FOAM

  5:00pm PT

Eradicating Copy/Paste of Crypto-Addresses w/ Starname & Deep-Linking

Antoine Herzog, CEO of Starname

  5:30pm PT

Jazear Brooks, Founder of Sifchain

6:00pm PT

Shaun Conway, Founder of IXO

6:30pm PT

Applied MEV in the PoS Context & Threshold Decryption As A Solution

Chjango Unchained & Chris Goes from Interchain GmbH & Dev Ojha & Sunny Aggarwal from Sikka Tech


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